Overseas Shipbuilding and Shipping Consulting



Overseas Shipbuilding and Shipping Consulting
Based on the concept of "from cradle to grave", we provide support to those who are planning ship construction, shipyard construction, marine transportation maintenance, ship recycling, etc., mainly in developing countries, in Japan and overseas, for the planning of project implementation, examination of specifications, estimation of project cost, examination of project implementation schedule, examination of economic efficiency, etc. In addition, as a expert technical consultant in the shipbuilding and shipping fields, we provide support for business development and implementation in various phases necessary for the maritime industry, such as ship construction, shipyard construction, crew training (including facility construction), ship operation, and ship recycling, as well as support for bidding for the selection of contractors for the implementation of projects.

Support for Shipbuilding Projects

On behalf of our customer, we provide consistent services such as various types of ship basic design, shipyard selection support, etc. We are highly reputed for our achievements in ship procurement business and ship construction for developing countries under Japan's ODA. VIEW MORE

Support for Design of Shipbuilding Facilities

We support the preparation of construction plans for shipyards and ship repair facilities, which are indispensable for the safe operation of ships. Also, the simulator can be used to study ship routes and safe berthing methods. VIEW MORE

Shipping Business Plan

In developing countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia, with undeveloped land transportation infrastructure, the modernization of coastal shipping is one of the most important issues for national economic development.
JAPAN MARINE SCIENCE INC. provides a variety of support for the modernization of shipping in developing countries.

Ship Recycling Plan

Recycling of ships in safe and environmentally friendly is now essential. As a pioneer in facility planning and research related to ship recycling, JAPAN MARINE SCIENCE INC. provides a variety of services, including recycling yard improvement and support for appropriate yard selection, etc. VIEW MORE

Seafarers' Training Equipment

Approximately 80% of ship accidents are caused by human factor, and demand for qualified seafarers is increasing. In JAPAN MARINE SCIENCE INC., we provide seafarer education institutions in developing countries with support for planning the installation of education equipment for seafarers and providing simulator training.

Dispatch of Experts

In the case that developing countries want to introduce Japan's excellent shipbuilding technology, design shipbuilding, and improve the ability of field workers, we will coordinate dispatching human resources who can work as shipbuilding technology experts in overseas through the network in our company. VIEW MORE

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