Maritime Consulting



Maritime Consulting
We investigate the actual state of marine traffic using radar and AIS, and evaluate the safety of the sea area by simulation using survey data. Based on these results, we evaluate the safety of specific ships, quays, routes, and anchorages using a ship handling simulators. We also evaluate the effectiveness and safety of mooring methods using mooring motion simulation, and the layout and specifications of mooring facilities by measuring the movement of moored ships.
JAPAN MARINE SCIENCE INC. is also capable of consultation of overseas ports and harbors including field surveys, port planning, designing mooring facilities and other marine facilities, supporting ship handling operations (navigational aid facilities, tugboat aids), formulating safety measures.

Measurement Survey

"Survey of Maritime Traffic ", which is essential for planning port and harbor plans and marine projects, and measures and suggests to improve ship mooring by measuring ship motions caused by long-period waves during mooring and cargo motions. At the same time, we provide services such as "hull motion measuring "to evaluate the improvement effect using mooring motion simulation.

Ports and Harbors

In the port planning and reorganization plan, we will identify current issues and propose the terminal layout, efficient operation method, and necessary port facility requirements for a highly competitive port.
Furthermore, we will consider the acceptability of large ships in existing port facilities and necessary safety measures, and propose plans to renovate quay facilities and waterways as necessary.


It is possible to deal with a wide range of issues related to ships, from improving the management of domestic ships to dealing with crew labor. We propose safety assessment of ship handling and mooring, and necessary safety measures for a wide variety of large ships. In addition to berthing and pier mooring, we also handle ship to ship cargo mooring.

Navigation Safety and Disaster Prevention Measures

We will evaluate the mooring safety with the maintenance and improvement of mooring facilities, and the operating safety with the maintenance and improvement of waterway facilities, and propose the safety measures that are needed. We will also consider the mooring limit and mooring reinforcement measures at the time of tsunami attack, and support the formulation of the guideline indicating the evacuation decision and action standards.

Analysis and Simulation

"Marine traffic flow simulation" simulates current and future ship traffic flow and extracts problems of traffic environment and future planning issues. "Mooring motion simulation" simulates mooring motion, rope tension and fender compression ratio, and proposes mooring safety and mooring reinforcement measures. "Logistics simulations” simulates the logistics based on the capacity of cargo and cargo handling facilities at ports and proposes the optimal ship allocation plan. We provide these services.

Maritime Industry Policy and Strategy

Mainly for maritime policy and strategy decisions in government offices and local governments, etc., we respond to various requests such as surveys related to international regulations such as IMO and the formulation of plans to improve remote island routes by utilizing knowledge and experience accumulated over many years in the maritime consulting business.

International Survey

We will support the research and examination necessary for the execution of the project, from the investigation of the local port situation of the international project, to the plan of port facilities and waterways facilities, as well as the ship allocation plan.
In addition, we will respond to JICA's port design research project by conducting simulation studies and dispatching maritime experts.

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