Privacy Policy



Personal Information Protection Policy
Japan Marine Science Inc. (“JMS”, “we”, “us”, or “our”), is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected in accordance with the following privacy policy.

1. Observance of Laws and Regulations

We observe the laws and regulations, and other norms regarding the protection of Personal Information as defined below.

2. Protection of Personal Information

We ensure that our directors, auditors, executive officers and employees recognize the importance of protecting Personal Information, and the appropriate usage of such information.

3. Respect for Rights of the Data Subject

We fully respect the rights of the individual who is the data subject in regards to his/her Personal Information, and by due compliance with laws and regulations, and also within the reasonable scope of socially accepted norms and customs, whenever we receive a request from the data subject to notify the data subject of the purpose of use of his/her information, or to disclose, correct, or supplement such information, or suspend the use of or delete such information, or suspend the provision of such information to third parties, we will comply with such request.

4. Collection, Use, and Provision of Personal Information

In light of the fact that, as a global maritime solution consulting company, we are engaged in business operations throughout the world, we have established a privacy management system that complies with the actual conditions of each operation, and appropriately handles all the Personal Information received, based upon the applicable rules on collection, use, and provision of such information.

5. Security Measures

In order to secure the safety and accuracy of the Personal Information in our care, we implement security measures, and strive to prevent unauthorized access to Personal Information, and the loss, destruction, alteration, leak, etc., of such information.

6. Notification and Disclosure to the Public

In handling Personal Information, we take appropriate measures in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, such as informing the data subject of necessary matters or disclosing such necessary matters to the public.

7. Purpose of Use of Personal Information Acquired

Except when we have provided notification by another method, we will handle the Personal Information we have collected within the scope necessary for fulfilling the following purposes:

  • (1) Business negotiations with us, execution and performance of contracts, and management of other transactions;
  • (2) Provision of information related to our operations and services and those of NYK group companies, and procedures related thereto;
  • (3) The provision of information related to, or the conducting of, advertising campaigns, training, social events, and other events hosted by us, as well as the analysis and reporting of results of the same;
  • (4) Communications with us and notifications and social greetings by us in accordance with social customs;
  • (5) Investigations, analysis, research and auditing related to our business operations;
  • (6) Communications with organizations related to our business operations;
  • (7) Administrative procedures related to our stock;
  • (8) Public relations activities of ourselves and NYK group companies;
  • (9) Management of access to (entering/exiting) our facilities, management of security for our facilities;
  • (10) Responding to inquiries of all types;
  • (11) Procedures related to employment activities and other management of human resources;
  • (12) And for the proper and smooth operation of our business operations.

Additionally, in some cases, we may provide Personal Information that we have collected to third parties outside of our company. For more details, please refer JMS (Japan Marine Science Inc. | Maritime Solution Consulting Company ( ) and NYK Group (NYK Line) website.

8. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Except for the cases below, we do not provide Personal Information to third parties.

  • (1) When we have prior consent of the individual;
  • (2) When based on laws and regulations;
  • (3) When necessary for improvement of public health or protection of property, and obtaining consent of the individual is difficult;
  • (4) When it is necessary to cooperate with the performance of functions stipulated by a law or regulation by a government institution or a local government, or a party that has been entrusted with such performance by a government institution or a local government, and the obtaining of the individual's consent may result in interference with the performance of such government functions.

Also, when we provide Personal Information to third parties in foreign countries, we shall obtain the prior consent of the individual, with the exception of those cases where laws and regulations allow such Personal Information to be handled in an exceptional manner.

9. Subcontracting

Within the scope necessary for fulfillment of the purpose of use of the Personal Information, we may in some cases subcontract the handling, in whole or in part, of the Personal Information we obtain. In such cases, we will execute a basic agreement with such subcontractor related to the Personal Information and/or such other agreements required, and we shall supervise the subcontractor as necessary and appropriate.

10. Inquiries related to Personal Information

For inquiries related to the handling of Personal Information, please contact our Administration Group. Please note that we cannot answer to inquiries about Personal Information other than those of inquirer.

* Definition of Personal Information

Personal Information means information defined in Article 2 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of 2003). Personal Information pertains to information that identifies or can identify specific individuals by one or combining two or more of the following data:

His/her name; date of birth; age; gender; home address; telephone number; family composition; hobby, preferences; e-mail address; workplace; work title; workplace address; telephone number of workplace; credit card number; bank account number; various numbers or character sequences attached to the individual, such as employee number; information collected from the purchase of goods, products and services; information on home pages visited; information on complaints, consultation and inquiry; etc.

Data subject refers to the individual that can be identified by the above-mentioned Personal Information.