Support for Design of Shipbuilding Facilities

We support the preparation of construction plans for shipyards and ship repair facilities, which are indispensable for the safe operation of ships. In planning, we examine the profitability of the business based on long-term cash flow from the demand forecast for new ships and repair ships as well as the facility capacity plan. In addition, it is possible to examine the route to the facility and consider the safe berthing method with using the simulator , and we will make proposals that meet the customer's request.


Shipbuilding and ship repair facilities are indispensable for the construction and repair of ships to ensure safe operation. We provide business planning support for shipyards and ship repair facilities as well as planning support for repair facilities both in Japan and overseas. In the planning stage of the business plan, we propose the business plan of the optimum scale according to the request, while consulting with the customer about the necessary facility capacity based on the new shipbuilding plan and demand forecast for repair ships. At the time of project planning, we examine shipyard layout and equipment specifications in cooperation with other marine civil engineering consultants, and propose a method for cost reduction in parallel with the optimum layout. Once the facility plan has been finalized, we will prepare long-term cash flows, including the necessary initial investment costs and sales, examine the medium- to long-term profitability of the business, and assist customers in finalizing their business plans.
At our company, we use the latest simulator to study the route to the shipbuilding facility, and we also perform calculations for a safe berthing, so that we can make proposals that meet customer needs.

Plan of shipbuilding and repair facilities in developing countries through ODA

Because of the lack of land infrastructure in developing countries, there are many countries that rely on coastal transport or on ships to transport daily commodities to people living on remote islands. In such countries, appropriate shipbuilding and repair facilities are required to maintain and manage ships, but in many cases, repairs and inspections are not carried out properly due to a lack of equipment and technology. When developing countries are planning the construction or remodeling of shipbuilding and repair facilities for the purpose of proper maintenance and management of ships, we will support them to realize the project with ODA from our country. If the project is approved as an ODA project, preparatory surveys and detailed design surveys will be carried out, and the selection of construction business operators and construction supervision work will be carried out on behalf of the organizations implementing the project in developing countries.

Plans for shipbuilding and repair facilities by domestic public and private

Plans for shipbuilding and repair facilities by the government and private sectors in Japan

We support the preparation of business plans for the construction of new shipbuilding and ship repair facilities in Japan. The business plan will start with a review of demand for new ships and repairs, and we will propose the optimal size for the facility capacity.
At the time of project planning, we will discuss the location of shipyards and facilities in cooperation with marine civil engineering consultants, and propose methods to reduce project costs. We also perform long-term financial analysis to support your business plan.
For example, MIRAI SHIPS INC., which was newly constructed in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture. MIRAI SHIPS INC. is up-and-coming shipyard using ship lifts, which were newly established by the merger of five shipyards in Kesennuma that were severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. We were in charge of the initial project planning and construction supervision.


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