Dispatch of Experts

In the case that developing countries want to introduce Japan's excellent shipbuilding technology, design shipbuilding, and improve the ability of field workers, we will coordinate dispatching human resources who can work as shipbuilding technology experts in overseas through the network in our company.At the request of each country, we will also dispatch experts on shipbuilding policy guidance, regardless of long-term or short-term, under the technical cooperation scheme of Japan's ODA.


If developing countries want to promote shipbuilding, or if they want to pursue a shipbuilding business on thier own but want to receive support from Japan, which is a shipbuilding advanced country, due to a lack of skills in design, procurement, process, and quality control, we will help to find and dispatch an expert of shipbuilding technology specialist who can work in overseas according to individual needs of our customers through our shipbuilding network. It is also possible to respond to individual requests, such as improving shipbuilding design technology or improving the welding capabilities of manufacturing field workers.
In the guidance of shipbuilding policy, we also dispatch experts regardless of long-term or short-term under the technical cooperation scheme through ODA in response to an official request from developing countries.
In our company, we have contributed to the promotion of shipbuilding technology in overseas, such as dispatching a shipbuilding policy advisor to the Indonesian Ministry of Industry for long term and dispatching experts for short term in order to study a scheme to modernize coastal shipping.

Support for the selection and dispatch of technical experts on shipping and shipbuilding

We will help our customers secure human resources to provide technical support in their planned shipping and shipbuilding businesses. We will support the selection and dispatching experts in the field of marine transportation and shipbuilding that meet the requests of our customers by utilizing the domestic and overseas networks that we have built up with the experience of marine consultants for many years. We can support dispatching experts not only in the fields of shipping and shipbuilding but also in related fields.
We also respond to individual requests as well as ODA projects.

Field where possible to dispatch

  • Shipbuilding technology; e.g. Drafting ship plans, examining various types of performance.
  • Shipbuilding policy; e.g. Shipbuilding policy, support for training policy for shipbuilders.
  • Ship management; e.g. Introduction and guidance of ship management.
  • Seafarers' training; e.g. Guidance on education curriculum, seafarers' education policy.

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