Maritime Training



Maritime Training
We offer tailor made maritime training programs to meet the needs of our clients by utilizing our own maritime knowledge, experience and technology.
We provide trainings for pilots, masters, navigational officers as well as for young seafarers coming on board for the first time. It involves classification-approved BRM/BTM training, a training for experienced pilots to become proficient in shiphandling techniques, etc.
Shiphandling simulator training, using a large full-mission simulator to meet the diverse needs of our customers. And a class-approved ECDIS training using actual ECDIS on board.

Ship Handling Simulator Training

We contribute to the safety of our customers by reproducing scenes that would be difficult to experience in a real environment such as under rough weather, high currents and emergency responses.
We improved the berthing and unberthing operations, which requires delicate ship handling skills by training and learning repeatedly under the guidance of our own experienced instructors.

ECDIS Training (registered and certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

JMS can guarantee an effective training wherein trainees will fully understand and optimize the limitations, capabilities and characteristics of ECDIS.
We offer both "Generic" and "Type Specific" ECDIS trainings approved by Class NK which were designed to suffice the needs of our customers.

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