Fraud Prevention Efforts in Research Activities



Based on the guidelines “Guideline for management and inspection about public research fund at research institutes (Implementation Standards)” prepared by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for research institutes and companies that receive subsidies, JAPAN MARINE SCIENCE INC. is working to prevent a fraud of research activities and illegal use of public research funds.

Even in the case of receiving competitive research funds under the other ministries, we will observe the management and inspection guidelines prepared by the relevant ministry. We will also manage research activities and public research funds properly and promote to conduct fair research activities.
The person in charge of this efforts and the consultation and notification window is as follows.

The person in charge of public research funds: Managing Executive Officer of Consultant Division

【Role】Final responsibility for improving research ethics, preventing fraud, and operating and managing public research funds.

The Consultation and Notification window:JAPAN MARINE SCIENCE INC. Administration Group

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