JAPAN MARINE SCIENCE INC. is one of the largest simulator manufacturer in Japan with a history of more than 25 years and is engaged in the development, sales and maintenance of various simulators. With development and maintenance bases in Japan, we have earned the satisfaction of our customers by establishing a prompt and careful service system.

Ship Handling Simulator

Various custom-made ship handling simulators, from full-mission type to compact type, are developed from the perspective of mariners who actually maneuvering vessels, and we are expert in making proposals that use actual navigation instruments. Highly effective has been simulated by carrying out practice-based training in the facility environment. VIEW MORE

ECDIS Simulator

The ECDIS simulator automatically generates signals (GPS, LOG, GYRO, AIS, Radar echoes, etc.) of own vessel and target vessels for generic courses and type-specific courses of navigational instrument manufacturers. Scenarios can also be created according to the contents of various training courses. VIEW MORE

RADAR/TT Simulator

We manufacture and sell RADAR/TT simulators that meet the mandatory requirements of RADAR/TT simulator trainings in the STCW convention and tailored to the training requirements of our customers. The system incorporates actual equipment that used by the customer to replicate the equivalent environment as the actual vessel, allowing for more practical training. VIEW MORE

Other Simulators

・Tugboat Simulator
・Engine Room Simulator
・Cargo handling simulator
・Crane Simulator
・GMDSS Simulator

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