Earthquake Resistance Test

Simulate actual/artificial seismic vibrations and offer necessary data for products that require aseismic capacity


Earthquake waves for earthquake-resistance tests

We can perfectly simulate the seismic waves of the Great East Japan Earthquake, which is difficult for other companies, as well as both displacement and acceleration.

  • Great East Japan : 2011

  • Hanshin-Awaji : 1995

  • Niigata-Chuetsu : 2004

  • Off-Kushiro : 1993
  • El Centro : 1940
  • Tuft : 1952

Artificial earthquake waves for earthquake-resistance tests

Earthquake Waves pplicable for
NTT Artificial Earthquake Waves Issue December 1998 Standard earthquake-resistance tests for communications equipment to be stowed in the NTT buildings
NEBS (GR-63-CORE zone 4) Issue October 1, 1995 Earthquake-resistance tests for networking equipment
EN300019-2-3 Chapter4.2 European Telecommunication Standards earthquake-resistant designs for outdoors
EN300019-2-4 Chapter4.2 European Telecommunication Standards earthquake-resistant designs for outdoors
IEC61587-2 Earthquake-resistance tests for racks, etc.


For a manufacturer of electrical equipment, we conducted a performance test on the packing and stowing method of electrical equipment by simulating vibration during transportation.

Please see the video at the right side: Examples of the earthquake-resistance tests simulating Great East Japan, Hanshin-Awaji, and Niigata-Chuetsu.

Price/Work contents

Basic Price

JPY2,200,000/day for the 1st day and JPY1,800,000/day for the 2nd day and any subsequent days.

  • (1) Number of acceleration sensors
    If the number exceeds 39 channels, more accelerations sensors can be rented:JPY15,000/channel/week.
    Calibration certificates for traceability can be arranged for JPY10,000/channel.
  • train measurement
    We will be able to prepare strain gauges on actual expense.
  • Report
    1 set (in Japanese)
    Reports in English are available at an additional JPY100,000.
  • Work contents
    Performance of tests, measurements, data analysis, and a report are included in the basic price.
    Bring-in, installation, clean-up, and removal of specimen should be organized by the customers’ responsibility. We are able to support customers for the above operation, including the handling of an overhead traveling crane.

Additional Price

  • Overtime testing: JPY 300,000/hour
    Overtime work: JPY 180,000/hour
  • Acceptance and/or setting in the afternoon before the test date: additional JPY600,000
    Dismounting and/or removal in the morning after the test date: additional JPY600,000
    If a full day is needed for the above: JPY1,200,000/day
  • Reserve day of test: JPY1,800,000/day
  • Displacement measurement: JPY150,000/point
  • If needed, a forklift can be rented.
  • If another electric power source is needed, an electric generator can be rented.
    If you need 3-phase 200V during the vibration test, please ask us in advance.
  • Video recording, DVD or BD-R burning as tetrameric view:
    JPY100,000/day for the 1st day and JPY50,000/day for the 2nd day and any subsequent days.
  • Seismic-intensity meter: JPY150,000/day for the 1st day and JPY100,000/dat for the 2nd day and and subsequent days.


If you do not have an order form from your company, please use our order form.
After receipt of a firm order, we will officially fix the test date.

Cancellation Fee

If you would like to cancel the test or change the date after the test date has been fixed, we will charge a cancellation fee as shown in the following percentages of the total amount of our quotation.

  • For cancellations two months to one month prior to the fixed test date: 50%
  • For cancellations one month or less prior to the fixed test date: 100%

Payment Terms

After receipt of our invoice, payment in cash must be made by the end of the next month.
Half the amount of the test fee might be required as advance payment for first-time customers.



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