Two Research Papers Related to Autonomous Ships Published in the Latest Issue of Class NK Technical Journal

Two research papers, both related to autonomous ships and co-authored by JMS researchers, have been published in Class NK’s latest issue of Class NK Technical Journal.

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Class NK Technical Journal No.3 2021 (I), issued in August 2021, focuses on autonomous ships.


■Research paper “Research and Development of Collision Risk Decision Method for Safe Navigation and Its Verification”
Authors: Satoru Kuwahara and Haruka Nishimura (Japan Marine Science Inc.), Kazuya Nakagawa and Makoto Yoshinaga (Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.), Syuichi Iseki and Ryo Yoshida (Japan Radio Co., Ltd.), Tadashige Hakoyama (Tokyo Keiki Inc.), Koji Kutsuna and Jun Nakamura (MTI Co., Ltd.)

■Research paper “Development of AI-based Automatic Collision Avoidance System and Evaluation by Actual Ship Experiment”
Authors: Hirotada Hashimoto (Osaka Prefecture University), Haruka Nishimura (Japan Marine Science Inc.), Hisaki Nishiyama (MTI Co., Ltd.), George Higuchi (Japan Radio Co., Ltd.)


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